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HIV Long-Term Survivors face a myriad of interconnected psychosocial, practical, and medical problems rooted in HIV-stigma, aging, ageism, and economic distress that impacts functional health-related quality of life issues. We now know that surviving too can also have trauma-related implications. The legacy of our past is influencing our lives now, and too many survivors are unaware of what is happening to them.


What opportunities exist that can contribute to our overall sense of wellness? What wisdom, training, or experience can we share with each other from our vast collective knowledge? What else can we learn? What work do we still have to do before we are living our best life? How do we expand the knowledge base and expertise of survivors?

How about we focus on what it will take to change the narrative to what it will take for healthy aging with HIV? How does that look? Isn’t that a worthier goal?

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